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Smart Lipo – Yay or Nay?

Using a Smart laser to enhance traditional liposuction may sound like a scientific advance, but many doctors have their doubts. Six years ago, doctors began promoting the device as an efficient way to melt fat with high heat before removing it from the body. In reality, so-called SmartLipo and similar procedures add both time and money to the typical technique. First, a laser wand is inserted under the skin, then another tube vacuums out the fat. The benefit of the heat is better skin tightening, with more elasticity and less bruising, says Barry DiBernardo, a plastic surgeon in Montclair, New Jersey. The downside? “There is the added risk of burns, large scars, tissue hardening, and prolonged pain,” said Steven Teitelbaum, a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica, in a debate with DiBernardo at last year’s meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Studies show that most women spend more time shopping for shoes than chosen their surgeon.  Make sure he is board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  A certification as a “Cosmetic Surgeon” can mean they attended a 3 hour class.

Plastic surgery involves many choices. The first and most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust.  Choosing an ASPS Member Surgeon ensures that you have selected a physician who:

  • Has completed at least five years of surgical training with a minimum of two years in plastic surgery.
  • Is trained and experienced in all plastic surgery procedures, including breast, body, face and reconstruction.
  • Operates only in accredited medical facilities
  • Adheres to a strict code of ethics.
  • Fulfills continuing medical education requirements, including standards and innovations in patient safety.
  • Is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

ASPS Member Surgeons are your partners in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Look for the ASPS Member Surgeon logo.

Be careful of a “special” or a “great deal”, there should never be “blue light specials” in plastic surgery.  Also remember that a great surgeon doesn’t need to spend a lot of money advertising, if he has weekly or monthly ads in magazines you should think twice.  If they got “Top Doc” it means they paid for that position.  You only get the opportunity for great plastic surgery once- everything after that is trying to correct someone else’s mistake.  Often times it can never be successfully repaired.

Don’t be fooled by his charming personality or his claim to be “an artist”.  You aren’t going to date him so his personality doesn’t really play into it.  Sometimes the most brilliant surgeons have very average or below average people skills.  Even if they give you patients to call for referrals it could be their family or friends.  Do most of your research on his work outside of his office.  Read the reviews online, call the Medical Board, check the public records for law suites and funny enough reporters for small newspapers such as the Dallas Observer usually have all the dirt lol

Better than the Brazilian Butt Lift

10155163_10152297588827025_3281387199227186978_nGlutenator, the Ass Blaster, the Butt Buster, the Booty Builder, and the Asset are just a few of our favorites. However you chose to refer to our machine, the truth is the Dynavec Hip System will be the best thing to happen to your butt since yoga pants.

Don’t judge this book by its cover; this is not your mother’s abduction machine. The hip system has two points of resistances which forces the hip joint to move the thigh both back and out at the same time. For you scientists out there, that means resistance is provided as you both extend and abduct the hip in sagittal and frontal planes of motion, simultaneously. And yes, we know this has never been done before – that’s why we are so excited about it!

Often times the result is something that will cause you to walk funny the next day because simply stated our machine is a real pain in the butt. Forcing the gluteal muscles to contact against resistance in two planes of motion isolates the gluteus maximus which increases strength and improves shape in a way that, and we quote, “is like fairy dust, because it magically lifts your butt”.

So who will benefit from our hip machine – aside from all of us who get to look at your improved posterior aspect – are those of you who feel it’s an Asset to have a shapelier derriere. Body builders and fitness models have recently discovered that using our machine to target their gluteal muscles, which are notoriously difficult to train and shape, provides a unique contraction not often felt with traditional lower body exercises. It gives you the benefit of the bottom end of a squat without the joint shearing or pressure on the spine.  Since using our machine in a research project, we determined that strengthening the gluteal muscles among the elderly allowed for improved performance of activities of daily living – i.e. rising from a seated position with better balance. The muscles that support the hips are significant in the rehabilitation process, giving their proximity to the center of mass, and we can strengthen these muscles without placing a load through the knees or low back. Finally, we have had several people tell us the Dynavec Hip machine has helped in improving their performance during athletic competition – Power Lifting to rotational sports like Golf and Tennis. We have many more examples, but will stop there for now… …and let you decide for yourself.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us now!  972.869.6900

Where can you try out this wonderful machine?

Dallas/Las Colinas TX – Skin Technology   972.869.6900

Flower Mound/Southlake/Colleyville TX – Hero Training Center  (817) 776-1302

Lake Oswego, OR  –

Austin TX  –    or

Skincare for Men

Men’s facial skin is typically thicker than women’s and less likely to be sensitive to ingredients in facial cleansers and moisturizers. Skincare is also usually a simpler routine since men typically don’t wear makeup.

However, shaving is another story. For men with heavy beards or curly or kinky hair, irritation and razor bumps can be a big problem. With proper face care, though, those hazards can be made a thing of the past and a clean, smooth face can become a welcome daily occurrence.

Bar soap tends to dry skin out more than liquid cleansers. If your skin feels tight or a little itchy after you wash your face, try switching to a liquid cleanser.

You may experience problems with acne if you have very oily skin. Acne is caused by excess oil production that clogs pores, causing inflammation.

Look for soaps or liquid cleansers that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzyl peroxide. All three of these exfoliating agents remove the upper layers of dead skin and allow for deeper cleaning of pores. They also have antibacterial properties.

Lots of facial moisturizers promise to keep your face young, but not all of them deliver.  A lot of products these days tout the fact that they contain antioxidants,  Prescription-strength products with retinol (Retin-A) do smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and even reverse signs of aging at the cellular level.  However, the lower levels of retinol found in over-the-counter products may not be high enough to do much good. ZO Medical products have a few great options.


Utilizing an innovative micro emulsion technology, this potent retinol, blended with plant stem cell antioxidants and bio-mimetic proteins, helps reverse the signs of aging and aids in the prevention of future damage.  Stimulating Collagen Formation and Skin Barrier Function  RETAMAX™ aids in skin rejuvenation by triggering the natural formation of collagen and encouraging the restoration of the skin barrier function by up-regulating the production of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s most vital natural hydrating factor.

Antioxidant Response  This biocellular antioxidant system serves to block free-radical damage, helps protect vulnerable cellular DNA, and addresses the root cause initiators of future skin aging. Optimizing inflammation management and anti-glycation irritation, RETAMAX™ helps ensure maintenance of the new, healthy skin state by defending against inflammatory-initiated skin damage.

RETAMAX™ Micro Emulsion System

  • High-potency vitamin A stimulates the skin’s natural rebuilding process
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action with vitamins C and E, and buddleja plant stem cells
  • Biomimetic protein activation for skin regeneration
  • Micro emulsion technology supports rapid delivery of key ingredients

Advanced Night Repair, a lightweight, high potency retinol formula that targets multiple signs of aging skin while protecting against future skin aging and damage. Ossential Growth Factor Serum, a lightweight gel that strengthens skin, repairs aging skin, and protects against future signs of aging. Formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

If your face gets irritated from shaving, try a shaving cream with aloe. Try lathering up with a little extra water and leave it on your face for a minute before you shave to soften beard hairs.  Pre-shaving oil is another solution. Applied several minutes before shaving, the oil helps moisturize skin and soften beard hairs.

  • For razor bumps, which are caused by ingrown hairs, look for a shaving cream that contains glycolic acid or salicylic acid, exfoliating agents that unplug pores. Look for hypoallergenic products without fragrance to avoid further irritating your skin.

More important than shaving oils or creams is the razor you use. Electric razors are less likely to irritate than blades. But if you prefer a blade, choose a single or double-bladed razor. Skip those multi-blade brands that promise the closest possible shave.  If you have trouble with razor burn and razor bumps, you don’t want a very close shave. It’s better to leave a little growth in order to avoid ingrown hairs.  Shave in the direction that hairs grow, not against the grain, which can cause more irritation.



Non Surgical Butt Lift! Ulthera

Using our state-of-the art Ultherapy treatment, we can now treat the buttocks and upper leg to help “lift” and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Already in used in Canada, this new approach is perfect for those of you who want to lift and even tone those stubborn regions around your buttocks and thighs. Typically the results can be seen after 1 treatment. Ultherapy uses directed heat to stimulate your collagen in multiple layers to produce a tightening and lifting of the treated areas. Because we are targeting your own collagen producing cells, natural results can be seen in about 3-6 months, perfect for your holiday or vacation plans! There is no surgery and no down time! Get your lunchtime “lift” today!
For a limited time, we areulthera butt lift ulthera butt lift 2 offering this treatment for only $1995



Ulthera Butt Lift 3





Non Surgical Butt Lift!  Ultherapy is a safe and effective alternative for patients who want a non-surgical way to lift and tighten the skin around their buttocks. Ultherapy is a non-invasive technique that promotes natural lifting and tightening of the skin beneath the surface.  Ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to target the deepest layers of skin and stimulate collagen growth. The deep layers of skin that are targeted during an Ultherapy treatment are the same ones that would be tightened during a surgical butt lift. Using Ulthera, the buttocks and the upper leg can be treated without surgery to create the toned and firm look that our patients desire.