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Supplements VS Food

Supplements vs Food
Supplements will probably give you a boost, but it’s best to focus on food or a whole food based supplement. Your body absorbs nutrients from food differently than it does from synthetic supplements. Your body has built-in mechanisms that don’t allow it to overdose from food, but that doesn’t exist for synthetic supplements. Too much vitamins via supplement can put your heart or other organs at risk.

Over the past several of weeks, the media have gone wild over studies allegedly showing that vitamins have lethal consequences.
Again and again, journalists who are clueless about health have misled readers while catering to the interests of Big Pharma.
For some reason, many fail to appreciate that there are usually major differences between natural nutrients and their synthetic counterparts. They simply do not have the same biological effects. The Toxicology Data Network also lists numerous health problems related to synthetic vitamins at various dosages.

Did you know that a lot of the vitamins on the market are genetically modified? The U.S. however, does not require genetically modified foods and products to be labeled, so there’s no telling what you’re getting.

Other studies have reported that dietary supplements are associated with an increased mortality. The bottom line is your supplements should be a whole food, non GMO, all organic liquid for optimum health and bioavailability.