Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra utilizes both RF energy and non-focused ultrasound to heat skin tissue and deliver energy to tighten skin and reshape the body.

I usually recommend two to four sessions for the neck and face, and four to six applications for any body area. Many of my patients begin treatment on one area of their body and then add others after seeing the changes.

Ultra Tight procedure targets the eyes, neck, face and chest; Ultra Plump takes care of the lips; the Ultra Lift treats buttocks, legs and arms, Ultra Tone works on the core fat areas and the knees; and Ultra Smooth tackles hands and the appearance of cellulite. Even external vaginal rejuvenation is on the menu of therapies, via the Ultra Intimate treatment.

Exilis UltraTM employs a breakthrough combination of radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound in a single aesthetic platform. This next-generation Exilis system can address a variety of cosmetic issues more smoothly and with a combination of energies that help to optimize the patient’s experience.

Its built-in, adjustable cooling system can reach optimal therapeutic temperatures faster than would be possible using either modality by itself. In addition, the larger applicator contains a cooling tip, allowing physicians to adjust the level of penetration for enhanced results, as well as provide multipurpose treatments.

RF-based energy has been scienti cally veri ed to improve the appearance of skin laxity and provide overall anti-aging effects by increasing dermal collagen and elastin fibers.

Ultra Lift addresses buttock lifts. We try to achieve contrac- ture by delivering collateral heat all the way down to the muscle. . We see some tightening effects from that. Using the Exilis Ultra, it’s like being an artist. You are able to ne-tune exactly where you want to lift and tighten. There is contracture of the skin, and in addition you are creating new collagen and elastin in that area.