"Several months ago I had Juvederm filler. A couple of days ago I had a CO2 laser treatment. Both times I felt professionally treated and cared about. I interviewed several people and places before deciding to go with Skin Technology. I definitely found Sherry and her staff to be more honest, friendly and to top it off less expensive than many of their competitors. Will definitely go back!"

– Sara O.

SCULPTRA™ uses lactic acid injections to fill facial lines, creases, and acne scars as well as rejuvenate the bony appearance of aging hands. Sculptra encourages your own skin to make the collagen, therefore multiple treatments are necessary until the desired results are achieved. SCULPTRA™ is FDA approved and uses poly-L-lactic acid which is bio-compatible (a material that does not harm the body) and biodegradable (can be broken down by the body.) Poly-L-lactic acid has been used for many years for soft tissue implants and even dissolvable stitches. The good news: results can last two years or longer.

$200 first syringe

$175 second syringe

$150 third syringe

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Juvederm is the "next generation" smooth gel, a non-animal dermal filler offering a natural look and feel with long-lasting results. Juvederm injections are composed of naturally occuring hyaluronic acid to fill facial lines and creases, restoring a smoother, more youthful looking appearance. Juvederm is also effective in adding fullness to the lips, or merely adding definition to help smooth the lines around the lips.

$600 per syringe.

Limited Time Offer - $450 per syringe.

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