Date: January, 28, 2011
Contact: Dawn Weeks-Spalding (214) 228-3969


Skin Technology is the first in Texas to bring stem cell lift to consumers, and only the second in the United States next to a prominent plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who counts Denise Richards as his spokesperson. The main ingredient in this amazing age reversal product is a lyophilized extract of the finest quality ovine placental and umbilical cord tissue, uniquely prepared to concentrate its natural benefits and preserve its bio-activity.It is cryogenically processed using state-of-the-art micro-lyophilization techniques and proprietary technology and is the most potent and stable placenta/umbilical cord tissue extract ever produced.

How does it work?

The active ingredients are absorbed into resurfaced skin within an hour of application, quickly producing dramatic improvements in the appearance and feel of the skin that lasts for weeks. Conventional cosmetics and toxin-based pharmaceuticals damage the skin with repeated use. Our this 100% natural formula helps restore the skin's vitality, youth, and vibrancy making your skin looks younger and healthier.

Stem Cells: Amniotic vs. Embryonic

While placental and umbilical tissue derived stem cells share many similarities with embryonic stem cells, there are important differences to note:

  • Like embryonic stem cells, placental and umbilical cord tissue cells express many of the same surface markers and transcription factors normally present on embryonic stem and germ cells, which identifies them as true stem cells.
  • Like embryonic stem cells, placental and umbilical cord tissue cells are also pluripotent, which means they can differentiate into any type of cell in the body. This means there are no cells in the body they cannot repair or replace.
  • Unlike embryonic stem cells, placental and umbilical cord tissue cells are harvested ethically. There is no ontroversy regarding their use, because they are derived from the post-birth, delivered placenta of healthy sheep raised at medicinal farms.
  • Unlike embryonic cells, placental and umbilical cord tissue stem cells are NOT associated with teratomas and other types of neoplasms. Placental and umbilical cord tissue derived cells are considered to be non-allergenic and safe.

In addition, placental and umbilical cord tissue stem cells express the stem cell specific transcription factors octamer-binding protein 4 (Oct-4), and the "immortality" gene Nanog. The gene Nanog, found in stem cells, appears to be the "master gene", coordinating other genes to allow stem cells to multiply limitlessly, while still retaining their ability to differentiate. (It was christened Nanog after the land in Celtic myth called Tir nan Og, whose inhabitants remained forever young.)

You can book your Stem Cell Lift (cost $500.00 per treatment) appointment with Sherry Smith at Skin Technology. For more information on this amazing product and process call Sherry Smith for interviews at: 972-342-2900.

Skin Technology is conveniently located across the street from The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort, at 1110 Cottonwood Lane, Suite L200, Irving, TX 75038.