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24 Jul,2013


Harmful UV Rays

While 79% of people know that the sun causes skin cancer, only 6% know it can harm the eyes.   Are you protecting your eyes from UV at all times?

The sun does not need to feel hot to damage your skin and eyes. The damage is done by UV radiation, which is not seen or felt – so don’t be fooled by mild temperatures or cloudy days.  You still should be wearing protection on your eyes on a gray day.

The higher the altitude, the fewer UV rays are absorbed. That means there are more UV rays to damage your skin and eyes when you’re skiing, living in or visiting high-altitude regions.

The sun causes wrinkles to the delicate skin around your eyes – help protect that delicate area with a quality pair of polarized sunglasses.

UV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and more.

As the damaging effects of UV rays are cumulative – extended exposure over many years can increase your risk of cataracts later in life.

Some 16 million people worldwide are currently blind as a result of cataracts; of these,  the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that as many as 20% may be due to UV radiation exposure.

Constant exposure to bright sunlight can damage the cornea, lens and retina. Make sure you are protecting your eyes at all times.

By the year 2030, twice as many people will be blind as are today. Macular degeneration will continue to be the leading cause of blindness.

Five percent of all cataract-related disease burden is directly attributable to UVR exposure