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Why Is Confidence So Attractive?

Confidence seems to be the one thing that most people find extremely attractive. But what is it about confidence that makes it so sexy? Why are we more likely to be drawn to someone who is confident than to someone who is insecure or needy?

Confident people are noticeable, they stand out. They have a certain air about them that makes you want to get to know them. You want to know what makes them so self-assured. They’re intriguing and we’re beguiled.

Someone who knows how to do something well and owns that ability.  They’re typically comfortable in their own skin and well-adjusted. They have a sense of ease which is also quite appealing.  Confident people seem to know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it or go after it. Nor are they afraid to express themselves and they don’t try to come across as something they’re not.

Remember that quiet confidence should not to be confused with outright arrogance, which is based in insecurity.  When someone feels the need to boast, they actually lack confidence and subconsciously need to fill that gap in themselves with others’ validation.  People who lack confidence are generally insecure. They’re often apprehensive and anxious. Many need constant reassurance and attention and take a great deal of energy.